Pear growers will elect nominees for positions on the Fresh Pear Committee of Marketing Order No. 927.

The committee is responsible for the collection of assessments for research and the promotion and advertising of all pears marketed in the domestic and export markets.

The FPC grower position for the Wenatchee, Washington, district will be filled at the North Central Washington Pear Day at the Wenatchee Convention Center on January 18. Wenatchee grower member Dale Foreman presently holds this position (first alternate is Jim Koempel, second alternate is Bryon McDougall). The Convention Center is located at 201 N. Wenatchee Ave. in Wenatchee.

All pear growers are eligible to attend and participate in the respective nominations. Those elected will have their names submitted to the Secretary of Agriculture for official appointment to the committee and will serve for a two-year term.