Last month, the Cherry Marketing Institute announced news of an inaugural trade advertising campaign. The campaign’s goal is to drive tart cherry usage with ingredient decision makers, and convince them to include tart cherries in their new product formulas and menus.

This is the first trade advertising plan since CMI began repositioning cherries as “super fruit” in 2007, building off a successful public relations and interactive campaign. The campaign, encouraging ingredient decision makers to “Go Red Instead” with its tagline, was created based on insights from the 2010 ingredient decision maker research, and inspired by the broad range of tart cherry product and menu item possibilities.

Beginning in April, three different executions of one ad campaign will run in targeted trade publications including Baking & Snack, Food Processing, Food Product Design, Modern Baking, and Prepared Foods. The ads will highlight how tart cherries are the new “super fruit,” and will feature their unique flavor, superior health benefits, and versatility for product usage. One version of the ad will feature a hero shot of a cherry muffin, the second features a cherry yogurt parfait, and the third is a breakfast granola with dried cherries.

We’re eager to showcase cherries to this audience, and share with America what the industry already knows—cherries are a broadly appealing ingredient, and a great way to boost any brand.