With Come Unglued, there is no need  to replace expensive PVC fittings.

With Come Unglued, there is no need to replace expensive PVC fittings.

Quick PVC pipe fix

Come Unglued is a new tool designed to save time and money when repairing PVC pipes. The tool uses heat to break any PVC cement bond, allowing the user to remove a broken pipe from a PVC fitting without harming the fitting so it does not have to be replaced.

With Come Unglued, breaks in PVC pipes, such as PVC risers, can be repaired while the fitting is left in place in the pipe system. Alignment problems are avoided because the fitting is not moved. This allows the irrigation ,system to be repaired and back on line in a fraction of the usual time, according to manufacturer Jim Huffman of Richland, Washington. Come Unglued tools work on pipe diameters of 0.5 to 12 inches.

Power for the tool is supplied by a common lead acid battery, such as those used in cars, tractors, and trucks. The tool is attached to the fitting and left in place until the cemented pipe becomes softened and the removal tool can be slipped between the pipe and fitting. The tool is turned, and the pipe peels away from the fitting, leaving the fitting unharmed.

The machined parts of the tool are made in Othello, Washington, by Fabtech, and the heaters are custom made.
For more information, phone Dr. Jim Huffman at (509) 946-4143.

New neem product

Arborjet of Woburn, Massachusetts, has introduced AzaSol, an azadirachtin-based insecticide. It is a water-soluble powder that contains 6 percent active ingredient, a higher concentration than most azadirachtin products. It can be applied via soil drench, chemigation, injection, or spray up to the day of harvest. Azadirachtin is derived from the neem tree, which is native to India. It is toxic to the larvae of soft-bodied insects and also deters insects from feeding and laying eggs, according to information from Arborjet. The product is designed to control a wide range of insects including aphids, psyllids, mealybugs, thrips, and leafminers. For more information, check the company Web site at www.azasol.com.