Raquel and Chris Hale at the new West Coast Ag Products warehouse in Ukiah, California. (Courtesy West Coast Ag)
Raquel and Chris Hale at the new West Coast Ag Products warehouse in Ukiah, California. (Courtesy West Coast Ag)

West Coast Ag Products acquires PureCrop1 brand

West Coast Ag Products (WCA) recently announced the brand acquisition of PureCrop1, according to a news release. The brand was acquired in association with Raquel Hale, formerly of PureCrop1 and founder of West Coast Ag Products. 

“After an exhaustive and diligent purchasing process, we are proud to bring the PureCrop1 brand under the care of the people who helped build it into the well-loved brand it is today,” said Hale. “The West Coast Ag team looks forward to providing the first-class agricultural expertise and client dedication fans of PureCrop1 have grown to love.”

West Coast Ag Products, based in Ukiah, California, aims to provide products that are on the cutting edge of technology while having little to no impact on the environment, recognizing that conventional and organic farmers need long-lasting, economically and environmentally sustainable solutions.

For more information, go to: wca.farm.

Atticus to provide Spanish labels for entire portfolio

In a step to improve understanding of product application information among Spanish-speaking users, Atticus is translating product labels for the company’s entire portfolio of more than 200 products to Spanish, the company announced in a news release. Its first Spanish-translated portfolio is in the greenhouse and nursery segments under Atticus’ EcoCore division.

 “Spanish-speaking applicators play a critical role in both the agriculture and EcoCore markets as their efforts help secure our food supply, contribute to the safety and comfort of people, beautify our surroundings and protect critical infrastructure,” said Randy Canady, founder and CEO. “As Atticus strives to create a simple experience for end users, we recognize the importance of product stewardship. Providing the right tools to empower and support Spanish speakers brings ease of product use and application accuracy that empowers Spanish speakers with the independence to efficiently apply products — whether on the farm or in a professional EcoCore environment. Supporting them is mission critical for our team.”

Atticus, based in Cary, N.C., provides branded-generic fungicides, herbicides and insecticides. To better serve the critical need for safety and ease of use, Atticus plans to continue translations across its complete portfolio. The Spanish labels and product resources are posted on the Atticus website at: atticusllc.com/etiquetas-en-espanol.

For more information, go to: AtticusLLC.com.

Vestaron hires Matt Orr as VP of regulatory affairs 

Matt Orr
Matt Orr

Vestaron recently announced Matt Orr has joined its leadership team as vice president of regulatory affairs, according to a news release. Orr will be responsible for the strategy and execution of the company’s regulatory strategy, all domestic and international regulatory filings for current and new products, the building and management of the GLP Regulatory Science lab and managing the company’s relationships with relevant professional organizations. 

“I am excited to join the team and help to secure the global license to operate that is needed to bring Vestaron’s innovative pipeline of sustainable peptide-based products to the market,” said Orr. 

Prior to joining Vestaron, Orr was global product registration manager at BASF Corp., where he managed global regulatory activities with cross-functional and international teams. Prior to BASF, Orr co-founded Discovery Innovations where he provided scientific advising, technical writing and consulting services. He began his professional career in pharmaceuticals as a research scientist at Scynexis, Inc., where he worked on developing novel anti-infective and antineoplastic drug candidates. Orr earned his doctorate in organic chemistry from Duke University and his bachelor’s degree in chemistry/molecular and cell biology from Pennsylvania State University.

“Matthew brings excellent experience and a proven track record of success in regulatory affairs matters, which will be invaluable in meeting Vestaron’s goals and objectives as we continue to expand our product portfolio,” said Vestaron CEO Anna Rath.

Vestaron works to provide growers with novel, effective peptide-based biopesticides that address proven neuromuscular targets. For more information, go to: vestaron.com.

Netafim recycling facility aims to reduce plastic waste

Orbia’s precision agriculture business Netafim, which works to provide sustainable precision irrigation solutions and agricultural projects, recently announced the opening of Mexico’s largest agricultural plastics recycling facility in Culiacán, with an initial operating  capacity of over 3,000 tons of plastic per year, according to a news release. 

Designed with full circularity in mind, Netafim’s state-of-the-art facility will receive used drip lines from farmers across the country, where end-of-life irrigation pipes from any manufacturer will be collected, shredded, washed and pelletized. The regenerated material will then be incorporated into new drip lines, ensuring the high performance and quality standards Netafim has provided since its invention of drip irrigation in 1965.

“At a time when precision irrigation solutions are needed to combat extreme drought and other weather conditions, our global ReGen Circularity Program advances our mission to make farming more environmentally responsible,” said John Farner, Netafim’s chief sustainability officer. “One of our top five markets, Mexico is a major agricultural exporter and our Culiacán facility provides the region’s farmers with an efficient, holistic and rewarding solution to help achieve their sustainability goals. Mexico produces more than 300,000 tons of agricultural waste each year. Netafim is proud to work with our customers to minimize the impact of plastic waste on the environment.”

Netafim currently operates a variety of recycling programs, including a plant in Fresno, California, as well as circularity programs in Australia, Israel, Peru, Chile and Spain, among other countries. By 2030, Netafim aims to have all of its drip lines contain at least 45 percent recycled content. 

For more information on Netafim, go to: netafim.com.

Netafim’s parent company, Orbia oversees several sectors, including polymer solutions (Vestolit and Alphagary), building and infrastructure (Wavin), precision agriculture (Netafim), connectivity solutions (Dura-Line) and fluorinated solutions (Koura). Orbia has commercial activities in more than 110 countries and operations in over 50, with global headquarters in Boston, Mexico City, Amsterdam and Tel Aviv. 

For more information, go to: orbia.com.