Grenzow named president for Nutrient TECH, AlgaEnergy

Nutrient TECH and AlgaEnergy, both companies fully owned by the De Sangosse Group, recently announced the appointment of Tyler Grenzow as president for North America, according to a news release. 

Grenzow brings over 25 years of experience, having dedicated the majority of his career to the distribution of plant nutrition products. His operational base will be in Wisconsin, serving as the hub for his role covering the position.

“We are thrilled to welcome Tyler Grenzow to our team,” said Carlos Rodríguez-Villa, managing director at AlgaEnergy. “His proven track record, strategic mindset, and deep understanding of the industry make him an ideal fit for leading our operations in the United States. We look forward to an exciting future with him.”

“In selecting a new president, we aren’t just hiring a leader; we are entrusting the architect of the companies’ future,” said Greg Johnson, chairman at Fine Americas and Nutrient TECH. “Tyler will not only steer the ship but will navigate with vision, integrity and the unwavering commitment to elevate our aspirations into achievements.”

“I am honored to join these remarkable companies and for the opportunity to work with these talented teams,” said Grenzow. “I look forward to a long and successful future for both.”

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Fly Away BMS releases new product for bird control

Fly Away BMS (Bird Management Solution), which provides aromatic bird repellent, recently announced a new product for fruit growers in their war against marauding birds, according to a news release. Made entirely of food products for either humans or livestock, Fly Away BMS offers an environmentally responsive way to address destructive flocks that can devastate fruit and berry crops, providing an effective deterrent that will not harm birds or other wildlife.

Fly Away BMS’ active ingredient, methyl anthranilate (MA), is an extract of the seed of Concord grapes and is the gold standard in bird repellents, according to the release. MA normally is found in liquid form and quickly dissipates, requiring large-capacity spray equipment and frequent reapplication. Fly Away BMS comes in solid form with a patented time-release formulation making it easy to use and long-lasting. Simply hang it in the field near the fruit; the repellent itself never touches the fruit.  Approaching birds sense the MA and simply fly away.

“As a fruit grower myself, I’ve used Fly Away BMS in my orchards during field testing,” said Rick Richardson, a Fly Away BMS partner and  fruit producer in Kennewick, Washington. “Fly Away BMS has consistently provided over 50 percent reduction in bird pecks reported by our packers. We also have found the easy-to-use pouches can be moved between crops as fruits ripen, greatly increasing its cost-effectiveness.”

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