TOMRA launches new AI-powered product lines

TOMRA Food, which designs and manufactures sensor-based sorting machines and integrated postharvest solutions, recently launched two new products powered by artifical intelligence, according to a news release.

One of those solutions, the TOMRA Neon, pregrades machine-harvested blueberries for the fresh market. The other, the new-generation Spectrim X series, leverages deep learning for sorting and grading precision of fruit.

“These machines are just the start of a revolution which will make the production of fresh and processed foods more efficient and profitable,” said James French of TOMRA, in the release.

TOMRA has been using artificial intelligence since 2019 to make sorting and grading solutions more accurate. The company aims to improve production in several areas, including: grading and sorting with more stability, resulting in less food loss; finding difficult-to-detect foreign materials; improving predictive maintenance; diagnosing line issues; predicting the useful storage life of products; optimizing packouts intelligently for different customers; and optimizing supply chain operations. 

Van Doren Sales partnership

In other news, TOMRA recently renewed its commercial partnership with Van Doren Sales to provide integrated solutions to fresh apple and cherry customers in the Northwest, including Washington, Oregon, Idaho and British Columbia, according to a separate news release. 

Under the renewed agreement, Van Doren remains the primary provider for sales and service opportunities related to fresh market fruit packhouses in the Pacific Northwest, with the exception of blueberries, which will be managed by TOMRA’s dedicated blueberry sales and service team. 

To further facilitate doing business, Van Doren will become the main point of contact for all sales opportunities related to the North American fresh apple market outside of the Pacific Northwest, while TOMRA will continue to provide service support to customers in that area.

“We are absolutely thrilled about the refreshed agreement with Van Doren Sales,” said Jacinto Trigo, regional sales director for TOMRA. “This partnership holds incredible potential to drive our growth at an accelerated pace. With their deep industry knowledge and innovative solutions, we have the perfect recipe for success.”

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Ganaz introduces new H-2A program

Ganaz, which offers digital onboarding, communications, payroll cards and H-2A software for agriculture and food processing customers, recently unveiled a new comprehensive H-2A program that aims to help with the recruitment and management of foreign agricultural workers, according to a news release.

Ganaz’s new H-2A platform allows employers to search, sort, and select workers who have been rigorously vetted based on their skills, experience, motivation, emotional intelligence and mental health. Ganaz also conducts extensive training before workers even cross the border.

“Our comprehensive H-2A program is a key component in our pursuit of an end-to-end people platform for agriculture,” said Hannah Freeman, Ganaz co-founder and CEO. “The H-2A program is growing so fast and is so complex; it creates a perfect environment for disruptive innovation. Our team is here for the mission — to make life better for workers and growers, and H-2A is such a tangible way for us to put our commitment to excellence and our values to work.”

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