Ceres water recommendations aim to maximize grower profitability

Ceres Imaging recently unveiled its water recommendations, designed to prescribe exactly how much water to apply every week for each irrigation zone, minimizing waste and maximizing grower profitability, according to a news release. The new water recommendations feature combines custom crop coefficients derived from aerial imagery with evapotranspiration forecasts to calculate the optimal number of inches of water to use. Data is tailored to specific fields, irrigation zones and local weather forecasts.

“From a bird’s-eye view of a field, or drilled down to the level of an individual irrigation zone, the new water recommendations feature empowers Ceres customers with a closed-loop solution that provides a highly accurate, cost-efficient and scalable guide for irrigation needs of plants in the coming week,” said Jennifer Strauss, senior technical product manager at Ceres.

For more information, visit: ceresimaging.net.

John Deere acquires Smart Apply

Deere & Co. has acquired Smart Apply Inc., a precision spraying equipment company based in Indianapolis, Indiana, according to a news release.

The company developed the Smart Apply Intelligent Spray Control System, an upgrade kit that can improve the precision and performance of virtually any airblast sprayer used in orchard, vineyard and tree nursery spraying applications. Smart Apply helps growers reduce chemical use, airborne drift and runoff while optimizing high-value crop yields and meeting sustainability objectives. John Deere has worked with Smart Apply since 2020.

For more information, visit: www.JohnDeere.com.