AgroFresh, Ceradis sign distribution agreement

AgroFresh Solutions Inc. and Ceradis Crop Protection B.V. recently announced a joint exclusive license and distribution agreement to bring CeraFruta, a new organic biofungicide, to market, according to a news release. The agreement between the two companies will launch in the U.S., leveraging AgroFresh’s experience working with customers to help reduce food loss and promote sustainable agriculture.

“AgroFresh is committed to bringing to market a full range of novel, natural and biologic solutions that maximize produce freshness and help reduce food loss and waste,” said Clint Lewis, CEO for AgroFresh. “We’re excited to collaborate with the team at Ceradis on this innovative new organic solution, helping our customers continue to find the most sustainable ways to deliver fresh produce to global consumers.” 

With listed status by the Organic Materials Review Institute for organic use in the U.S., CeraFruta provides broad-spectrum control of postharvest fruit decays, including blue mold, gray mold, green mold, brown rot and anthracnose. CeraFruta also controls mucor and sour rots, postharvest diseases that currently cannot be adequately controlled by synthetic fungicides. 

“We are thrilled to be working with AgroFresh and the trust they’ve built among U.S. channel partners and growers in bringing to market innovative products that are efficient and sustainable,” said Jan Stechmann, Ceradis vice president of marketing and sales. “As an organic best-in-class solution for postharvest decay, CeraFruta fulfills an important role in the food chain. Our strategic relationship with AgroFresh will immediately expand the product’s U.S. footprint while also helping growers meet the increasing consumer demand for fresh produce.”

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Regen Ag Lab licenses BeCrop for soil analysis

Biome Makers and Regen Ag Lab recently announced that the companies have entered into a partnership that will expand biological soil health analyses in North America, according to a news release. Regen Ag Lab is licensing Biome Makers’ BeCrop soil microbiome standard analysis into Regen Ag Lab’s conventional soil health analytics services, which includes the Haney soil health test, to provide biological insights on soil nutrient cycling and mobilization, disease risk and biodiversity. 

“We’ve worked with Regen Ag Lab over the years to provide biological soil analyses. We are thrilled to license BeCrop technology and strengthen this relationship,” said Adrian Ferrero, CEO and co-founder at Biome Makers. “I am confident that this agreement will allow both Biome Makers and Regen Ag Lab to position BeCrop biological soil analyses as the standard for soil health.”

Customers of Regen Ag Lab can use BeCrop reports to pinpoint specific areas of improvement and make data-driven decisions concerning farmland health and input costs.

“BeCrop technology pushes the envelope of biological soil testing, and when coupled with the Haney test, we see a game-changing opportunity for growers,” said Lance Gunderson, CEO and founder at Regen Ag Lab. “The pairing of the two tests allows for a deeper understanding of nutrient cycling and uptake potential by the crop through the soil’s biological engine. We are excited about this partnership and the opportunity to offer BeCrop technology on a wider scale.”

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In addition, Biome Makers also announced a new online store where growers and advisors can now order the BeCrop test directly from its website at:

John Deere updates lineup of orchard, vineyard tractors

John Deere is widening its lineup of specialty tractors designed for work in narrow orchards and vineyards with the addition of new updates in its 5EN and 5ML series, according to a news release.

The popular 5EN has been updated with a 5075EN model available in an open operator station or cab configuration. With 75 engine horsepower, the 5075EN is the highest horsepower available for purchase that meets emission requirements without the management of diesel exhaust fluid or diesel particulate filters, according to the release.

“The 5075EN is an economical, narrow tractor that can be configured to a working width as minimal as 51 inches and can also be outfitted with a front hitch and mid SCVs for the ultimate implement versatility. It’s ideal for fruit handling and hauling, spraying, mowing and any application that takes place within the narrow confines of an orchard or vineyard,” said Greg Christensen, marketing manager for John Deere. 

Moving up in horsepower and spec level, the 100- to 130-horsepower 5ML Series also gets significant updates.

“The 5ML Series has been a proven tractor in fruit and nut orchards for years, but customers either had to use it as an open operator station tractor or find a cab solution on their own, costing them time and money,” Christensen said. “Now, customers can get a low-profile, feature-packed, John Deere cab that shows up from the factory ready to work.”

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Fox Packaging launches new website

Fox Packaging, which provides flexible packaging and equipment for fresh produce packers and shippers throughout North America and Latin America, recently launched a new website with enhanced search capabilities for a better user experience, according to a news release.

The new Fox Packaging website contains both packaging and equipment solutions under one URL, Visitors can now search for flexible packaging options by industry or commodity, helping them to narrow down appropriate bag styles and materials that are designed for maximum protection and breathability for specific products. Visitors can also search for equipment solutions by machine function or with a new commodity-specific filter.

“Our goal with this website refresh was to provide maximum value to our end users,” said Aaron Fox, executive vice president. “Packaging and equipment buying decisions can often feel overwhelming for our customers, and we want to give them a simpler way to do their initial research before reaching out to our sales team for more custom recommendations.”