John Deere introduces new display, modem and receiver

John Deere is introducing a larger display, new modem and faster receiver as aftermarket options, according to a news release.

Compared to previous John Deere displays, the new G5 Universal display provides a 35 percent larger viewing area, three times faster processing speed and a high-definition screen. The G5 Universal display comes in two configurations: G5 with a 10.1-inch display and G5Plus with a 12.8-inch display. 

“The G5 Universal display provides more usable area on the run pages and makes it easier for you to control your equipment and to take advantage of future technology, like autonomy,” said Christopher Murray, marketing manager for John Deere. “With the G5 Advanced package, you can improve the ease and accuracy of every pass by choosing the package tailored to your machine.” 

The JDLink M modem being offered can be installed in 15 minutes on John Deere and other brands of equipment and vehicles, making it possible to easily document machine and work data and easier to transfer data from those machines.

The StarFire 7000 receiver features long-lasting repeatability and 73 percent faster pull-in times. In addition, signal stability and reliability were improved and provide the highest level of guidance and accuracy John Deere has ever offered. 

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Addium launches crop load management system

Agriculture company Addium recently introduced Pometa, its new intelligent crop load management system, according to a news release. With Pometa technology, growers can quickly count clusters, fruitlets and fruit per tree as well as estimate singles, doubles and triples. From a 5-millimeter diameter, growers can determine individual size and growth rates for thousands of fruit in a matter of minutes. And using fruitlet counts and growth rates, the system helps growers with chemical fruitlet thinning by automatically forecasting fruitlet drop. 

“We use iPhone video to construct a 3D model of an orchard canopy, locate and size the fruit, and estimate hidden (occluded) fruit,” said Patrick Plonski, Pometa computer vision director. “We see every tree from 100 or more perspectives, which allows us to detect more fruit than any photo-based technology. And the 3D technology allows us to track the persistence of individual fruitlets and measure individual growth rates to the nearest millimeter.”

For harvest, Pometa offers forecasts of bins per acre and size, starting from fruit set and improving as the harvest date approaches. Postharvest, it offers easy bin scanning for size and color distribution, only requiring a user to wave a phone over one or more bins. The system includes a weather station with 12 weather sensors, no complex wiring and simple setup.

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IronCraft adds territory manager to Western region

Andrew Watkins
Andrew Watkins

IronCraft, formerly branded Titan Implement, recently added Andrew Watkins as a territory manager in the Western U.S., according to a news release. 

“We’re committed to growing our presence in this important territory, and Andrew is well suited to lead that effort,” said Pat Kozlowski, IronCraft CEO. “His strong mechanical background, solid work ethic and consultative approach will serve customers and dealers well.”

In this new role within the company, Watkins is responsible for growing and managing the company’s sales through their construction and agriculture dealer network in Southern California, southern Utah, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and West Texas. 

“I’ve known of IronCraft for many years and respect their products, dealer network and the company overall,” said Watkins. “Their well-engineered products are built with care and precision, providing users with a long service life. My father has been bragging about the company for a long time, and I’m happy to join him. I’m honored to lead the sales efforts in the Western U.S. and look forward to introducing IronCraft products to customers and dealers, especially those in the construction segment.”

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