Terrantic software aims for packing house efficiencies

Terrantic Inc., whose Copilot product optimizes yield and throughput by integrating data sources and eliminating inefficiencies, recently announced a complete solution for packing houses, according to a news release. 

Using Terrantic’s Copilot for Packhouses, customers can transform their operations to fully digital. Terrantic connects to existing enterprise resource planning products, like Famous, iFoodDS and Computech, to augment functions and takes the effort out of data entry and synchronization.  Packing houses can digitize the intake information, optimize storage, automate optimal line layouts and track inventory.  FSMA traceability compliance and grower profitability analytics come standard for the packing house and the sales desk.

“Terrantic is dedicated to building solutions focused on the packhouses,” said Trevor Cox, president of Terrantic.  “We are building an entire suite of products to connect all their data sources, from packhouse line machine data to ERP to Excel files. We want to bring together all this data so packhouses can improve their margins. Growers, packhouses and sales desks can all benefit from connecting data sources.  In the future, we are excited to grow and expand on our packhouse solutions to continue the journey of optimizing yield and throughput.”

For more information, visit: Terrantic.com.

CMI Orchards welcomes new sales account manager

The team at CMI Orchards, based in Wenatchee, Washington, continues to expand with the recent addition of Ellie Tucker as sales account manager, according to a news release. 

“I’m so excited to be a part of the CMI team. It’s really like being part of a family here,” said Tucker. “CMI’s outlook on the future with sustainable orchards and technologically advanced operations, new variety development, and strong retail partnerships are all incredibly motivating. I find myself very lucky to join a company with so many wonderful opportunities for growth and innovation on the horizon.” 

Tucker has 20 years of experience in the tree fruit industry, following in the footsteps of her late mother, who sold fruit for numerous Washington apple producers. It was her mother’s encouragement that inspired Tucker to fall in love with the fruit industry.

“Ellie’s roots run deep in the Wenatchee Valley, and her decades of experience in the industry — along with her passion and genuine enthusiasm for embracing new opportunities — make her the perfect fit for CMI,” said Bob Mast, CMI’s president.

“We are absolutely thrilled to welcome Ellie Tucker on board,” said Steve Castleman, vice president of sales. “Not only does she bring with her immense knowledge and experience, but she also has a proven track record of building strong relationships and bringing innovative ideas to the table. From the beginning, it was evident that Ellie would be a huge asset to our team.”

Tucker began her position at CMI on Aug. 7. For more information about CMI, visit: cmiapples.com.

Balchem releases new products for organic crops

Balchem recently announced the registration of two new organic foliar products, including Metalosate Calcium-Potassium and Metalosate ZMI, a combination of zinc, iron and manganese, according to a news release. This extension of the current Metalosate organic product line allows growers to customize sprays more effectively than by mixing multiple ingredients into one application. 

“We understand how important it is to minimize passes in the field, but that should not be a reason to sacrifice quality or the ability to target particular applications for your spray program,” said Jeremy O’Brien, Balchem’s global director of plant nutrition. “In conventional crop production these mineral combinations gave excellent results, so we wanted to bring the same benefits to organic growers. Our product development team took the time to find the correct balance of minerals and takes the guesswork out of product mixing. That provides peace of mind, since growers can feel confident the application is safe and effective.”

The products aim to deliver convenient, targeted solutions for organic growers of grapes, berries, melons, tree nuts and more. Metalosate products implement trusted technology that has been utilized for over 50 years in over 300 crops. Metalosate’s organic products are certified via the Organic Materials Review Institute, Kiwa, California’s State Department of Agriculture and Washington State Department of Agriculture. 

For more information, visit: balchem.com/plant-nutrition.

Construction underway on Dramm research greenhouse

Construction has started on Dramm’s new research greenhouse at the company’s headquarters in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, according to a news release. The addition will allow for easier development and testing of new products and techniques, including trials of Drammatic organic fertilizer.

The new 2,500-square-foot facility will feature several cropping systems, from fixed and movable benches to hydroponic systems. Various water sources will be used, from rainwater and pond water to recycled and municipal water. Multiple water treatment systems will be installed for regular use and to test different methods and tools for best efficacy with different sources and water qualities.

An illustration showing Dramm’s new research greenhouse, which is expected to open this fall. (Courtesy Dramm)
An illustration showing Dramm’s new research greenhouse, which is expected to open this fall. (Courtesy Dramm)

The new research greenhouse will honor Kurt W. Dramm, who left a legacy of developing and testing high-quality products. Completion of the facility is scheduled for early this fall, allowing for the first crops and research work to begin this winter.

“We’ve wanted a research greenhouse for a long time,” said Heidi Dramm Becker, Dramm’s executive vice president. “It will enable us to trial fertilizer and test watering tools during the winter months and continuously try different airflow patterns for best results, test drippers and various irrigation equipment and systems. The most exciting thing is that we can grow some spring flowers as a benefit. I just wish my father had lived to see it built to completion.”

For more information, visit: dramm.com

AgroFresh adds three new products, acquires Tessara

AgroFresh Solutions Inc., which provides produce freshness solutions and digital technologies that enhance the quality and extend the shelf life of fresh produce, recently announced three new additions to its Apple Complete portfolio, according to a news release.

—CeraFruta, a biofungicide approved for organic use, has proven efficacy against a broad spectrum of postharvest fruit decays thanks to its unique, patented formulation of natamycin, a naturally occurring molecule that is derived from soil bacteria and has a unique mode of action. This product has been used within the food industry for four decades with no known cases of resistance. 

—Teycer Originals Prime Elite is a new apple coating approved for organic use that helps apples stay more firm, smooth and shiny compared to conventional coatings. The coating integrity remains smooth, without significant whitening, contact-point issues or notable loss of gloss, regardless of dilution rate. 

—Textar DPA is a trusted scald and CO2 injury inhibitor containing 40 percent diphenylamine. Its versatile formulation can be used both for fogging and drenching. For fogging, it is applied using the AgroFresh ActiMist technology. Textar DPA can simultaneously be applied with SmartFresh for fast, controlled-atmosphere establishment to avoid excessive CO2. 

AgroFresh also announced the acquisition of Tessara, a postharvest solutions provider, from global investment firm Carlyle, which acquired majority ownership of Tessara in 2018. The acquisition expands AgroFresh’s footprint in food waste reduction and freshness solutions for table grapes and berries, and it bolsters the organization’s impact in growing regions in South Africa, China, Australia and South America, according to a news release.

For more information, visit: agrofresh.com/crops/apples

IronCraft adds Haefer as Pacific Northwest manager

IronCraft LLC, formerly branded Titan Implement, has added Chris Haefer as Pacific Northwest territory manager, according to a news release. In this new role within the company, he is responsible for growing and managing the company’s sales through their network of construction and agricultural equipment dealers in Washington, Oregon and Idaho. 

“We’re excited to have Chris leading our sales efforts in the Pacific Northwest,” said IronCraft CEO Pat Kozlowski. “He is well-known and respected within this important territory because he is devoted to helping customers and dealers alike achieve success with their equipment purchases. We’re thrilled to add him to the IronCraft team.”

Haefer has extensive industry experience, having worked in sales and sales management in various areas of agriculture and construction, most recently as a regional manager for Woods Equipment/Wain-Roy. He will work from his home office in Pasco, Washington, and may be reached by email at: CHaefer@IronCraftCo.com.

“I’m really impressed by what IronCraft is doing with their products and support,” said Haefer. “They are earning a reputation as the place to go for ag and construction equipment, and I’m happy to be leading that effort in the Pacific Northwest.”

For more information, visit: ironcraftco.com.

MeloCon LC for nematode control approved in California

California farmers have a new product for controlling the threat of nematodes in their fields, orchards and vineyards with the approval of MeloCon LC by the California Department of Pesticide Regulation, according to a news release.

MeloCon LC, from Certis Biologicals, protects yields in fruit, vegetable, vine, tubers and many other crops by preventing or reducing root damage caused by plant-parasitic nematodes. It features a natural fungal parasite that is highly effective against a wide range of nematode pests with no impact on beneficial species, making it an option for both organic and conventional cropping systems. 

“Our goal is to provide sustainable, effective offerings to meet the increasing demand for integrated pest management solutions,” said Chris Judd, Certis vice president of global marketing and communications. “MeloCon LC is our latest advancement that delivers the confidence and control our customers have come to expect from us over the past 20 years.” 

For more information, visit: certisbio.com/products/bionematicides/melocon-lc.