We will be covering the 117th Washington State Tree Fruit Association Annual Meeting and Northwest Hort Expo
and the Great Lakes Fruit, Vegetable and Farm Market EXPO.

Learning from the ground up: 2021 Good Fruit Grower of the Year

A relentless search for innovative ideas and industry contributions make Mike Robinson the 2021 Good Fruit Grower of the Year. Read More »

"It all has to go together": 2021 Good Fruit Grower of the Year

Grower of the Year Mike Robinson says horticulture requires big thinking. Read More »

The next frontier: 2021 Good Fruit Grower of the Year

Robinson advocates for boosting soil health research for tree fruit. Read More »

Find familiar faces at WSTFA Annual Meeting

Retired research manager Willett, frequent flyer Zeihan to speak at in-person Northwest hort show. Read More »

Time to talk climate change

Great Lakes EXPO session to discuss the “elephant in the room.” Read More »

DeVaney: A new year ahead

After these unprecedented years, the tree fruit industry should take the opportunity to reflect on our successes so far and the opportunities ahead of us. Read More »

Dininny: Another year of Good Fruit tidings

We’re looking forward to joining you at the hort shows and beyond. Read More »

Return of the expo

Tree Top CEO highlights Hort Show opening session

Fruit production technologies the talk of Great Lakes EXPO, Day 1

Orchard research updates fill Tuesday morning session at WSTFA annual meeting

Abundant founder details successes and failure at Hort Show

Washington tree fruit industry honors standouts

Michigan hort society awards distinguished service

6 days ago
Paragon and Bartlett pears top the consumer preference list in study by @USApears @WSUSFS @CASResearch_OSU.… https://t.co/Gybvn7lgrO
7 days ago
Washington State University will soon offer a V&E degree from @WSUWineScience and @wsucahnrs. Learn about the visio… https://t.co/NeiPcxjKaw
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8 days ago
“Dirt to Glass” @MSUExtension conference shows how healthy soils make better vineyards. https://t.co/5URICXIMbU https://t.co/sAwN98iU0A
11 days ago
The Grape Society gathered in Grandview to discuss nutrient and nematode management, economics, and recognize indus… https://t.co/1tPVv8mSkG
12 days ago
RT @meownderthal: People looooove to throw around the term regenerative ag like it's magic. These folks are getting down to the technical f…
12 days ago
RT @kprengaman: Good morning from #WAGrapeSociety's annual meeting in Grandview, Washington. The talks kick off with vineyard nutrient res…
13 days ago
IFTA in Italy continues with Ferrara orchard tours, variety sampling and a little sightseeing. @iFruitTreehttps://t.co/fpvMQAOesN
13 days ago
Lots of buzz about regenerative agriculture for vineyards... But how do you know you’re really sequestering carbon?… https://t.co/ooimw2reFF
14 days ago
Vineyard rootstock trial by Inland Desert Nursery and @WSU_Vit_Ext continues while industry adjusts.… https://t.co/9Kfy8XTdKa
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15 days ago
Research trials on peaches, apples and an autonomous robot @Unibo and a visit to the massive @EimaInt kicks of the… https://t.co/NvKktyZ9QY
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15 days ago
Warm, wet years = more sour rot in vineyards. @CornellAgriTech, @SheldrakePoint https://t.co/oBNRVDAgTa https://t.co/wRElsG0UGg
19 days ago
With farmland values ever-rising, it’s hard for young farmers to buy into their family businesses. For this Quincy,… https://t.co/qITZHCnMy0
20 days ago
Apple growers, get ready for a vibe shift: high-density processing blocks. @CornellAgriTech https://t.co/AR5BlOdasL https://t.co/hgnEPSebZ7
21 days ago
Get an overview of this year’s projects and upcoming reviews on research funded by the Washington Tree Fruit Resear… https://t.co/orLfxbz2fp
1 2
21 days ago
A specialty crop grant will help develop sustainable mealybug control in Washington vineyards. @Wa_State_Winehttps://t.co/XU2gzXJ0f4
1 4
25 days ago
Meet Bernadette Gagnier of Snohomish WA. She is pursuing her doctorate in horticulture, focusing on alternative str… https://t.co/uCP0tKthUf
25 days ago
Somehow, it's already time for the Good Fruit Grower team to start planning for 2023. (How is it 2023?!?!?) If you… https://t.co/5MzezBLYJU
25 days ago
Here's the link to read all about it: https://t.co/DALORhL5wX https://t.co/dnCHX7EtZX
26 days ago
The family behind @KionaWine tells the story of navigating their business over three generations as Red Mountain we… https://t.co/tfZ4MZgTYN
1 2
27 days ago
Mark your calendars for the 2022 Great Lakes EXPO — @GLEXPO — Dec. 6–8. https://t.co/ppEQr9xgB1 https://t.co/En3rKJPoOm
27 days ago
NFL Hall of Famer Steve Largent, @WazzuCpaas's Karen Lewis and presentations about climate will headline the Washin… https://t.co/M7CUuq7xDE
28 days ago
“Stronger Together”: Washington’s hort show chair, Jared England, says this year’s theme emphasizes the importance… https://t.co/RAUKO5PdBO
33 days ago
Researcher @WSUEntomology covers the questions, and miles, with latest codling moth project.… https://t.co/D7ireROuY1
1 1
34 days ago
In Prosser WA, @fourfeatherswa starts Grape Marketplace, entering the well-trod world of custom grape growing.… https://t.co/jwhUfIAeg3
35 days ago
A @UMNHorticulture study sorts out the good, the bad and the maybe for colder-climate cider apples.… https://t.co/5Cmn5Mq7Oh
3 9
36 days ago
The “Orchard of the Future” collaboration brings together technology and research from Washington, Oregon, Californ… https://t.co/wtQk7AI8w2
40 days ago
More from the @iFruitTree tour: Growers and @wsucahnrs researcher @WSUTFRECPhysiol seek the shade netting sweet spo… https://t.co/60L4rFvMIQ
2 6
41 days ago
Once a central feature of the Columbia Gorge cherry landscape, some Oregon growers are turning away from the pedest… https://t.co/3ZZpzCIxXR
42 days ago
New techniques promise cleaner rootstocks. @USDA_ARS https://t.co/axTeaG9dht https://t.co/Ee7vBKuqqr
4 3
43 days ago
Meeting market-specific MRLs just got a little easier, thanks to the Northwest Horticultural Council’s MRL database… https://t.co/KPfP630oj5
47 days ago
Growers just have to deal with it: Consumers want Honeycrisp. https://t.co/4Sxiflowqk https://t.co/kFpLFYnw43
2 10
48 days ago
An Agricultural Leadership Program course will start in Yakima Nov. 4; registration closes Oct. 28. @WSDAgovhttps://t.co/ylGBLACMEP
48 days ago
New ways to spray the focus of @WSU_IAREC @WazzuCpaas and Grape Society field day. https://t.co/on7EoSDN1S https://t.co/TSrwnFoMOS
2 4
49 days ago
Maybe one day, apple mutations won’t be so random. @PlantDoctorC https://t.co/mqUkQKx9Pm https://t.co/kOIP13pbsx
1 6
50 days ago
The need for Newton! @usapples launches online database to make apple statistics more accessible for answering indu… https://t.co/VaU9HfyPC8
53 days ago
Meet Sarah Lott Zost of Gardners, PA. She's a 4th-gen grower with an agribusiness degree. "With extension and growe… https://t.co/V31ThpUAem
54 days ago
Federal government @USDOL announces long-awaited final H-2A rule changes. https://t.co/c2DJfcY3Hc
1 2
54 days ago
Precision crop load management tools highlighted at the @ccecornell Lake Ontario summer fruit tour.… https://t.co/uRT2nnawYC
55 days ago
For the first time in years, penny-pinching consumers are buying more Red Delicious apples. @usappleshttps://t.co/4b7NPTluAY
56 days ago
Washington apple growers forecast slightly smaller crop than usual after cool wet spring dampened growth and caused… https://t.co/ZwLWVpRc8N
7 4
57 days ago
New York announces 40 hours a week will be the overtime threshold for the state's farmworkers by 2032.… https://t.co/iSTuHxEfrQ
57 days ago
With 5 million boxes of Cosmic Crisp expected this harvest, Washington Apple Commission President Todd Fryhover say… https://t.co/wMnxIjZ2ZE
4 12
60 days ago
Study @UCDVEN advises shifting away from popular VSP vineyard training in face of heat waves.… https://t.co/cPBOybDMt8
1 3
60 days ago
Looks like Fiona left Nova Scotia apples mostly unscathed, says @nsfruitgrowers. https://t.co/rIn5WUDSmE https://t.co/TwifQ2Nuj4
1 1
61 days ago
The @CFANS breeding program releases new Juicy Jewel pear, a beauty that will grow in USDA Zone 4.… https://t.co/fE1crR6Ty9
2 7
62 days ago
Researchers with @CANRatMSU and @aglifesciences work to harness bacteriophages to take on antibiotic-resistant path… https://t.co/uumd3FQHPa
2 4
63 days ago
The tree fruit industry’s team of advocates in Washington, D.C., brings on a regulatory ringer. https://t.co/gT5xSObR9c
68 days ago
Consumers need to know: Montmorency is made in the USA. @usacherries https://t.co/pLX8zWgtrI https://t.co/gNSZ7DvKak
1 1
69 days ago
Tree fruit industry officials and lawyers, including @Stokes_Law, question how @ESDwaWorks and @USDOL calculate pre… https://t.co/j9VmPmOQ0k
70 days ago
How to pay workers accurately. Warning: It requires math. https://t.co/CoGPIypWCF https://t.co/ViMottzcYH
71 days ago
2023 WAEF scholarship applications now open for students with family ties or career plans in the Washington tree fr… https://t.co/1XizyW0Lvj
74 days ago
WA growers gathered for an @thecosmiccrisp preharvest field day organized by @WSUTreeFruitExt featuring training, r… https://t.co/02ThdrVxVz
1 2
75 days ago
RT @kprengaman: This @thecosmiccrisp was picked in this Quincy block almost 1 year ago that was just packed. The block yielded 90 bins per…
75 days ago
It’s possible to tame high-density pear trees by following a nine-step program to control apical dominance, but you… https://t.co/5zFD54jFzo
77 days ago
Oops, we forgot the link to this story earlier. Fifth-generation pear farm mixes old and new in Oregon’s Hood Rive… https://t.co/lczmOIvbth
1 6
78 days ago
Photographer @findtj spent the last week documenting pear harvest in Oregon and I couldn't resist a chance to try t… https://t.co/HhGhf0DFXR
81 days ago
Meet young grower Nathan Davis of Odell OR. After working outside of ag, he returned to the family pear farm to le… https://t.co/8m11YKOcAi
82 days ago
Washington @iFruitTree tour swings through pear country. https://t.co/eITpET3soD https://t.co/JAoaPGdWph
1 1
83 days ago
In Washington, cherry harvest follows the Columbia Basin’s topography. So did the @iFruitTree summer tour.… https://t.co/XpX3ELu3a4
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Blueberry, cherry pests the talk of Great Lakes EXPO, Day 2

Grower concerns, research, stats punctuate Cosmic Crisp session