1  Which of the following is not a fruit symptom of little cherry disease?
a.    Small size
b.    Poor color
c.    High acids
d.    Poor shape

2    Which of the following rootstocks is not resistant to fireblight?
a.    Geneva 41
b.    Budagovsky 9
c.    PiAu-56-83
d.    Malling 26

3     What country has the most irrigated acres?
a.    Israel
b.    China
c.    United States
d.    Egypt
e.    Australia
f.    India

4     Which of the following apple varieties are not scab resistant?
a.    Topaz
b.    Enterprise
c.    Juliet
d.    Cortland
e.    Scarlet O’Hara
f.    Rome Beauty

5     What state after California has the most irrigated acres?
a.    Nebraska
b.    Texas
c.    Idaho
d.    Colorado

6     What percentage of Washington State’s 1.8 million irrigated acres is watered ­­­by drip irrigation?
a.    5 percent
b.    15 percent
c.    50 percent
d.    60 percent


Test your knowledge answers

Q1: c. Cherries infected with little cherry disease have low acids and sugars. (“Little cherries, little flavor,” February 15, 2011)
Q2: d. (“Get it right at planting,” February 15, 2011)
Q3: f. Ranking is India 138 million, China 135 million, U.S. 55 million.
Q4: d and f. Cortland and Rome Beauty are highly susceptible to scab.
Q5: a. They are listed in rank order: California has 10.1 million irrigated acres, Nebraska 7.8 million, Texas 6.5 million, Idaho, 3.8 million, Colorado 3.4 million.
Q6:. a.