1  True or false? The Z-Trap is a device for killing Zetzellia mali?

2  How many gallons of fuel does it take to transport a carload of apples by rail from Washington State to New York City?
a. 34
b. 93
c. 169
d. 324

3  Which is the Pacific Northwest’s number-one plant for attracting beneficial insects?
a. Wood’s rose
b. Nodding wild onion
c. Mallow weed
d. Showy ­milkweed
e. Flowering marijuana

4  GRAS2P is?
a. A new harvesting tool
b. A food safety certification program
c. A robotics lab
d. An audit-readiness program
e. A design tool for developing software

5  “Drink like a fish” was a marketing ­slogan of?
a. Budweiser
b. Salmon Safe
c. The Washington State Liquor
­Control Board
d. Trout Unlimited
e. Samuel Adams

6  Which of the following insects do not prey on grape mealybugs?
a. Lady beetles
b. Lacewings
c. Ground beetles
d. Minute pirate bug
e. Big-eyed bug

7  Which is Washington’s top organic apple variety?
a. Fuji
b. Red Delicious
c. Gala
d. Golden Delicious
e.  Honeycrisp

8  GAP stands for?
a. Global Access Prevention
b. Great Agricultural Program
c. Good Agricultural Practices
d. Gap Analysis Protocol





Q1:     False. Zetzellia mali is a beneficial mite that attacks European red mites and rust mites. The Z-Trap is an invention for electronically monitoring orchard pests. (“Cutting costs of IPM,” May 1, 2011)
Q2:     c. Transporting a load of apples by rail uses 169 gallons versus 500 gallons by truck. (“How big is the orchard footprint?” May 1, 2011)
Q3:     d. Showy milkweed is also the only readily available host plant in the Pacific Northwest for monarch butterflies. (“Attracting beneficial insects,” May 1, 2011)
Q4:    d. (“Ready for the audit?” May 1, 2012)
Q5:    b. (“Promoting ecolabel wines,” May 1, 2010)
Q6:.    c. (“Biodiversifying your farm,” May 1, 2009)
Q7:    a. Fuji has overtaken Gala as Washington’s top organic variety. Counting acres in transition, Honeycrisp has overtaken Red Delicious as the third most important organic variety. Source: David Granatstein, Washington State University.
Q8:    c. (“No GAP, no sale,” May 2, 1008)