A new book, “Espalier Fruit Plantings in Northern Gardens,” is now available from Michigan State University, and all proceeds will support the MSU horticulture gardens. 

Written by MSU’s Ron Perry, professor emeritus of horticulture and wine education, and Kristin Getter, assistant professor of horticulture and director of the MSU horticulture gardens, the book explores the ancient art of espalier — the practice of pruning and tying branches to a frame or trellis. 

“The commercial grower will find the history interesting, as the high-density orchard producer of today is benefitting from the work done starting in the 16th century,” Perry said. 

The book is available for $9.99 on the Amazon Kindle store. For more information, visit the MSU website at: canr.msu.edu/hrt/our_gardens/Donate-to-the-Gardens/espalier-book.