Napa Valley Vintners

Napa Valley Vintners

Wildfires that killed 40 people and burned thousands of homes and businesses in Northern California left wineries in the Napa Valley mostly unscathed, according to a survey by a nonprofit association.

Of the 330 members of Napa Valley Vintners, 47 reported direct damage from the October fires. A handful reported significant property loss.

The report said that the most affected areas include Atlas Peak, the east side of Silverado Trail, Mount Veeder and Calistoga.

The number of acres that will need to be replanted remains unknown.

The organization estimates that 90 percent of the grapes by volume had been picked before the fires broke out. Those that remained were mostly thick-skinned Cabernet Sauvignon. The grapes picked after the fires started will be inspected and tested for possible effects of smoke.

The volume of the 2017 vintage from the Napa Valley will be lower than average, but comparable to years affected by other farming pitfalls like drought and frost damage. Napa Valley represents 4 percent of the wine made in California, so the fires will have virtually no impact on the state’s overall volume for 2017, according to NVV.

For those who wish to contribute to recovery and relief efforts, Napa Valley Vintners recommends the Napa Valley Community Disaster Relief Fund at

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