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The Tow & Blow wind machine. Chamberlin Agriculture

The Tow & Blow wind machine. Chamberlin Agriculture

A portable wind machine developed and manufactured in New Zealand is now being distributed in the United States by Chamberlin Agriculture. The machines can be used in orchards for frost protection, evaporative cooling, or drying the crop before harvest, and can protect up to ten acres at a time.

The machines use relatively little fuel (1.5 gallons per hour) and are quieter than traditional machines. The impeller can be set to oscillate at any degree or angle allowing the machine to work with the air drift to cover a larger area and to protect specific targeted areas. With the engine positioned at the top of the machine, 85 percent of its power is delivered directly to the impeller.

The latest models feature composite metal three-blade impellers, rather than aluminum blades, and DC power packs in place of the lower engine, which drove the hydraulic and rotation functions. The battery serving the power packs is charged when the fan is running and is backed up by solar power. Auto start is an option.

For more information, check the websites at and www.towandblow