Several materials that organic tree fruit producers depend on are up for sunset review by the National Organic Standards Board this fall, including inert ingredients integral to mating disruption and other pheromone productions, and several sanitizers. 

Also before the board: petitions to add Kasugamycin, an antibiotic used to control fire blight, and chitosan, a crustacean shell byproduct with antimicrobial properties that is used to enhance plant health and defense, to the list of approved materials. 

The NOSB is a group of 15 volunteers from across the organics industry who make recommendations to the U.S. Department of Agriculture about what should be allowed in the production, processing and handling of organic products ranging from seaweed snacks and sausage casings to apples and pears. 

The board’s next meeting will be held virtually Oct. 19–21. 

Because the board deals with such a wide variety of organic issues, it’s important for tree fruit producers to tell the board what materials are important to their operations, and why, according to leaders in the organic tree fruit industry. 

The Northwest Horticultural Council is urging growers to submit comments to the NOSB in support of materials they depend on in advance of the October meeting. The deadline to submit comments is Sept. 30. 

For more information and to submit comments, visit the NOSB website at:

by Kate Prengaman