Proprietary Variety Management, in cooperation with industry leaders, has developed several packaging options for the commercial release of Cosmic Crisp in the first year.

First and foremost, it’s all about the apple.

“We are going with a universal package for the entire industry, so that it is all branded Cosmic Crisp,” Kathryn Grandy, director of marketing and operations, told Good Fruit Grower.

A 2-pound bag for the Cosmic Crisp apple.(Courtesy Proprietary Variety Management, PVM)
A 2-pound bag for the Cosmic Crisp apple.(Courtesy Proprietary Variety Management, PVM)

For the first harvest later this year, PVM has overseen the development of designs for all packaging, including 2-pound and 3-pound pouch bags, as well as organic pouch bags. It will be up to the warehouses and sales companies as to which size bag they want to use, she said. Also included are a high-graphic display-ready carton and a high-graphic 40-pound tray box.

Fruit may be packed at extra fancy and fancy grades, but fancy grade fruit can only be packed in the two-color packaging that has been developed, either a Euro or 40-pound box.

The industry will be using a universal PLU. Company packing information can appear on the underside of pouch bags and end panels of boxes, but no logos. Specialty labels will be available for retail customers that require packaging of a specific style.

In addition, PVM has developed its own sample bags for a 2-ounce bag of sliced apples. The bags carry a lot of the same packaging look, Grandy said, but emphasize the four themes of the Cosmic Crisp social media and digital marketing campaigns: eat, play, cook, inspire.

PVM hasn’t immediately developed poly bags for the first year; however, Grandy said everything that involves quality and packaging standards will be re-evaluated each year. “This is our first year,” she said. “We know as we add more volume, we will be adding poly bag and other packaging options. But we are taking small steps.”

—by Shannon Dininny

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