Washington Fruit and Produce Company, Yakima, Washington, will double its apple packing capacity with a new facility being constructed this summer at River Road. Van Doren Sales of Wenatchee, Washington, and Compac Sorting Equipment of Auckland, New Zealand, were awarded the contract to design and build the new sorting and packing line. Van Doren is Compac’s distribution partner in the Pacific -Northwest.

The ten-lane Compac sorter will be equipped with the company’s latest InVision defect sorting system and will be capable of processing 500,000 bins of apples per season. Compac sorters sort produce based on weight, size, shape, color, surface blemishes, and internal quality using digital cameras and near- infrared technology.

The new building will also house a complete Van Doren Sales infeed system for bin tipping, washing, and waxing, as well as downstream packing equipment and robotic palletizing.