Young Grower

Stories about young growers

Harrison Van Meekeren, a young grower from Lakeville, Nova Scotia

2019-05-29T14:20:59-08:00March 14th, 2019|Apples, Insects and mites, March 15th 2019 Issue, Pesticides, TJ Mullinax, Videos, Young Grower| family background / Harrison grew up in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia and is working with his family

Michelle Cortens, a young grower from Kentville, Nova Scotia, Canada

2019-05-29T14:21:17-08:00December 28th, 2018|Apples, January 1st 2019 issue, Media, TJ Mullinax, Videos, Young Grower| family background/Michelle is the first generation in her family in agriculture. She grew up in Dryden, Ontario, obtaining her

Flor Maldonado, a young grower from Tonasket, Washington

2019-05-29T14:21:21-08:00December 7th, 2018|Apples, Cherries, December 2018 Issue, Labor, Pears, People, Pesticides, Stone fruits, Technology and equipment, TJ Mullinax, Varieties, Videos, Young Grower| family background / Flor grew up on farms, since she was a small child, helping her family establish their