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Featured stories covering pears appear in this issue.

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Grow perfect Forelle pears on Tatura

September 1st, 2011|1 Comment

Forelle is an attractive, medium-size pear that requires special management and skill to grow it to perfection. The pears need sunlight to remain red throughout

Last Bite

September 1st, 2011|0 Comments

The tribute to John McIntosh appears on a blue plaque near Dundela, Ontario, Photo by Alan L. Brown. The lower plaquue is a tribute to

Rood stays up-to-date

September 1st, 2011|0 Comments

Many fruit growers know Paul Rood. The Covert, Michigan, fruit grower is a frequent traveler on International Fruit Tree Association trips, where his opinions are

Pear heaven

September 1st, 2011|0 Comments

Jan van Dijk uses "run through" nursery trees, which are taller, calmer, and have more feathers than the traditional knip trees. He removes any strong

Quince evaluated for hardiness

September 1st, 2011|0 Comments

Pear trees are inherently inefficient at ­partitioning growth resources to fruit. Modern-day pear rootstock/scion ­combinations typically used in the United States are vigorous, resulting in