BJ Thurlby of Northwest Cherry Growers continues to have a bullish outlook on this year’s crop. Growers are expecting the 2nd biggest cherry harvest, plus excellent quality.

He’s especially excited about the alignment of factors that could make the crucial Fourth of July a “slingshot” for strong sales all the way through July. Here’s the interview with Greg Martin of

We’ve got momentum going right now and let’s just hope nothing happens to slow it down because the Fourth of July is going to serve as a slingshot shooting right in through July and I’m expecting to see great cherry displays all over the country and all over the world here at the beginning of this next month so that should be positive and then hopefully we just keep filling those displays and selling this fruit though. The growers are doing such an amazing job up to this point that I don’t obviously see any reason why we can’t expect to see this type of quality and this see through all the way through the season.


Listen to the interview.