Ian Adams of Scionon, Ltd., Hastings, New Zealand, and Matt Moser of Moser Fruit Tree Sales, Inc., Coloma, Michigan, have agreed to partner in the United States and Canada in the distribution and marketing of Scionon (pronounced “scion on”) grafting tools.

Scionon tools are designed to allow unskilled operators to learn how to make many different kinds of grafts and can greatly increase efficiency and productivity, Moser said.

Moser, a fruit tree nurseryman and broker whose family has been in the nursery business for more than 60 years, foresees the need to expand from conventional budding to bench grafting.

“I think that in the future there will be lots more topworking done in Michigan and other eastern states like they do in Washington, so hopefully these tools will help the process,” he said.

Go to www.scionon-us.com and www.graftingsystems.com for product information. Tools can also be viewed at Adams’s New Zealand Web site www.scionon.com.
For more information, contact Moser at (800) 386-5600 or e-mail mattmoser@forfruittrees.com.