Three faculty members from Cornell University’s New York State Agricultural Experiment Station have retired. Together, they represent 91 years of experience in research at Cornell.

Tom Burr, a professor of plant pathology, joined Cornell in 1977. He served as station director from 2005-15. He led a research program focused on bacterial-plant interactions, with an emphasis on Agrobacterium vitis, which causes crown gall disease, and Xylella fastidiosa, which causes Pierce’s disease in grapes.

Wayne Wilcox, also a professor of plant pathology, came to Cornell in 1984. He led the university’s grape pathology research and extension program and specialized in diseases of tree fruit and berry crops.

Andrew Landers, a senior extension associate, joined Cornell in 1999. He led the application technology group, a team of researchers who, among other things, worked to improve pesticide application in New York and the Northeast.