A land brokerage has announced a call for bids on a roughly 6,000 contiguous acre plot near Walla Walla, Washington.

The property, currently known as the Weidert Farm, is in row crop production.

The property features several factors which make it ideally suited for permanent crops like wine grapes, apples, blueberries or hops.

The elevation ranges from 440 to 940 feet, with more than a one-third of the property above 800 feet. The landscape offers rapid cooling air drainage and uniform nutrient-rich soil over much of the acreage.

“There is nowhere else in Washington state that I know of where the soil over such a large tract of land – several thousand acres – is so uniform and so perfect for perennial crops like tree fruits and grapes,” said Alan Busacca, PH.D., a soil scientist and former agriculture professor at Washington State University. “The water-holding capacity is very high – the highest of any texture class of any kind of soil – and the uniformity across thousands of acres is unlike anything I’ve ever seen in almost any other place in Eastern Washington.

For more information on the property and the bidding process, visit www.WeidertLand.com.