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The U.S. Apple Association expressed extreme disappointment that tree fruit may be a casualty in a suddenly escalating trade tiff between the United States and China. The tiff began recently when President Trump announced tariffs on Chinese goods and China responded with planned sanctions on imports from the U.S., including fresh fruit.

Here’s the USApple announcement:

“The U.S. Apple Association (USApple) is extremely disappointed that apple growers have been caught in the crosshairs of what seems will be a trade war between the White House and the Chinese government. With apples being included on China’s list of retaliatory tariffs, U.S. growers face losing an important and expanding export market, to which access was a hard fought battle.

“The U.S. apple industry worked very hard over years, and in 2015 finally achieved full access to the Chinese market, just as China has access to our market. We are competing, and winning, with our exports to China growing nicely from zero to about 2.5 million boxes per year.  China’s retaliatory response to U.S. tariffs are just the latest chapter in a long and sad story where U.S. apple growers get hurt in a fight we didn’t start and in which we have no interest.

“Within three years, China has become our tenth largest market and has tremendous promise for continued growth. Even the U.S. Trade Representative’s Office lists U.S. apple exports to China as one of the country’s top export success stories. Because China doesn’t grow a diverse variety of apples, there is a high demand by its consumers for the many unique varieties offered by the U.S.

“Trade is extremely important to the U.S. apple industry. We urge the administration and China to quickly resolve the trade dispute so that our apple exports won’t be disrupted.”