Nominations for grower and handler positions on the Washington Cherry Marketing Committee will take place for District 2 during the annual Cherry Institute meeting on Jan. 7. For District 1, nominations will be held at the North Central Washington Stone Fruit Day meeting on Jan. 19. The committee establishes grade, size and pack regulations for fresh sweet cherries from designated counties in Washington.

District 1 growers whose terms expire in 2022 are John Senseney (Dave Eichelberger, alternate), Norm Gutzwiler (vacant, alternate), and Kevin Stennes (Joe Wiggs, alternate). Handlers whose terms expire in 2022 are Javier Sanchez (Jorge Sanchez, alternate) and a vacant position (Ron Gonsalves, alternate).

District 2 growers whose terms expire in 2022 are Julie Bosma (vacant, alternate) and Greg Knight (Steve Knight, alternate). Handlers whose terms will expire in 2022 are Don Gibson (Josh Decker, alternate) and Jeff Baldwin (John Harris, alternate). All positions expire as of March 31.

These meetings are open to all persons without regard to race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age or disability. Persons who require special accommodations should contact Karley Lange by email at, at least two days before the meeting.