The Washington State Department of Agriculture has schedule two events for growers to dispose of unwanted pesticides.

Here’s the announcement:

Currently, the WSDA Waste Pesticide Program has scheduled two unusable/unwanted pesticide collection events this spring. These events are located near Yakima on Tuesday, May 17 and near Pasco on Thursday, May 19.

People interested in participating in the Yakima or Pasco events need to contact WSDA by March 31.

Other WA locations do not yet have 2016 dates selected; however, we are looking at potential events for late summer in western WA and early fall in north central WA and the Columbia Basin. These locations will be wsda logodetermined partially from where inventories are received and the need for disposal is the greatest.

During 2015, WSDA collected and properly disposed of 171,478 pounds of unwanted pesticides from 190 customers. Since its inception, the program has now collected over 3.1 million pounds of old pesticides from nearly 8,000 Washington State customers for an average of about 398 pounds per customer.

The following message is for our potential customers:

To participate in the 2016 pesticide disposal events in WA State, please submit an inventory of the pesticides you wish to dispose.

You can download a fillable inventory form and instructions by clicking on the following links to the inventory form and the instructions document. Once completed, email the form to WSDA at Upon receipt of your inventory form the application process is over. A confirmation of receipt will be sent to your email address. Clear, 4-mil poly bags are available at no charge for containers in poor condition. On the inventory cover page simply indicate the sizes and number of bags needed and the bags will be sent to you before your collection event.

If you need assistance during the application process, contact WSDA via email < > or telephone 360-902-2056. If you do not have email access, we can still conduct business via USPS mail or FAX. Please call us and we will mail or FAX inventory forms to you.

Collection events will be scheduled as needed. This schedule will be determined, in part, by the amount of applications received for a particular area. Once an event is scheduled, you will be notified by Waste Pesticide Program staff and given further instructions about the collection event, time and location. In some rural locations with few customers, WSDA may arrange a direct pick-up of your pesticides rather than waiting for more applicants and scheduling an event.

Here is the link to the Waste Pesticide Program web site:

Answers to frequently asked questions can be found at:



If you have questions, please feel free to call or message program staff via one of the methods listed below:


WSDA Waste Pesticide Disposal:



Ph:     360-902-2056

Fax:      360-902-2093