After finding apple maggot in the southeastern corner of Lincoln County, the Washington State Department of Agriculture has expanded its quarantine area to include the area.

The quarantine prohibits the movement of homegrown or foraged fruit from the quarantined area into a pest-free area.

WSDA held public meetings as part of the process of changing the boundaries and mailed postcards to residents in or near the quarantine area alerting them to the change.

The WSDA also clarified that the quarantine applies to municipal, compost, yard waste and green waste. Waste from a quarantine area must be taken to a waste facility also in the quarantine area.

Homegrown fruit must be processed (cooked, canned, juiced or dried) before it is transported outside of the quarantine area.

The WSDA has a searchable map on its apple maggot webpage to see what areas are quarantined, and which are not. It’s available by clicking here.