Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 7.23.54 AMWelcome to Good Fruit Grower’s redesigned website. You are seeing the first of many improvements in how our magazine serves growers and advertisers.

The site is the centerpiece of a new strategy for our magazine, reflecting improvements requested by our readers. Everyone agreed we produce a print magazine that is beloved by growers for its authoritative, in-depth reports and its array of services offered by advertisers. Our goal was to make that essential content easier to find and share.

Our new website provides better presentation, better navigation and a better foundation for presenting video and images. The new site will be integrated with our eFlash newsletter and our accounts with YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. People get information in different ways, such as tablets or desktop PCs. Some want a repository that they can access. Others want concise newsletters delivered to their inboxes. We’re doing that.

Don’t be surprised if you find some bugs on the site as we fine tune the widgets and other things running the background that make a website do amazing things. (Growers understand “pest management!”)

Watch for expanded content in the coming months: more archives, more videos and some extras we think you’ll like. Also keep in mind when the annual Washington State hort show begins for Web exclusive content from that event.

Good Fruit Grower is a special magazine with a unique mission. We are owned by growers. We serve growers. We hope you’ll agree that the new website strengthens that mission.

–O. Casey Corr