Harvest date* Variety Comments
8/20 Zestar! Crispy, juicy, nice sweet/tart balance, good flavor for an early apple, firm slices
8/20 Dandee Red High acid, good keeper for its season
8/20 Sansa Excellent sweet/tart balance and crunch, disease resistant
9/1 Ginger Gold Stores into late January
9/3 Gala Sweet, mild, crisp, slices stay firm
9/15 McIntosh Mix with other varieties to improve sauce
9/15 Crimson Crisp Crisp, juicy, moderately tart, higher acidity than Honeycrisp, stores well, disease resistant (PRI Co-op 39)
9/20 Autumn Crisp Was NY 674. Good flavor, texture like Honeycrisp, does not drop, nonbrowning, good sweet-tart balance
9/20 Early Fuji Sweet, mild, firm, and stores well
9/20 Honeycrisp Supremely juicy, crisp
9/20 Empire Moderately subacid, can be nonbrowning
9/20 Macoun Excellent dessert apple, very white flesh. Drops, bruises easily
9/23 Acey Mac Tart, like McIntosh, keeps better, better color, firmer
9/23 Cortland Nonbrowning
10/3 Topaz Tart! Unique flavor. Apple from Czech Republic. Very firm, stores very well, disease resistant
10/5 Jonagold Yellow flesh, nice sweet/tart balance
10/5 Red Delicious Do eastern Red Delicious taste better?
10/15 Crispin (Mutsu) Crisp
10/15 Golden Delicious Yellow flesh. Mix with tart apples in pies, sauce<
10/15 Fortune Better pie apple than Northern Spy (parentage: Spy x Empire)! Spicy, ­susceptible to bitter pit
10/17 Suncrisp Tastes like spicy Golden Delicious (parentage: Golden Delicious x Melrose)
10/20 Cameo Firm, flavorful, spicy sweet/tart blend
10/21 Candy Crisp Mild, sweet apple, susceptible to bitter pit and black rot. Grows like Red Delicious, needs site with good air drainage
10/21 Snapp Stayman Very flavorful. High acid, very late maturing
10/24 Braeburn Tart, firm, keeps well. May be too late maturing for western New York
10/30 GoldRush Great keeper. Sweet. Almost too late for western New York
*For western New York State
Adapted from a presentation by Alison DeMarree, Williamson, New York