E.W. Brandt and Sons, a fruit growing, packing, and marketing operation in Wapato, Washington, is expanding its operations and is using RemBrandt ­Masterpiece fruit as its brand.

The moves reflect the company’s intensified focus on growing and packing after divesting its nursery division last year. Brandt’s Fruit Trees, formerly a division of E.W. Brandt, now operates as a separate business owned by Lynnell Brandt, while brothers Allen Brandt and Dana Brandt head E.W. Brandt and Sons.

The company has added acreage and increased storage capacity with a new facility in Wapato, which includes a small specialty packing line.

It has also expanded its field service and developed an online portal for growers. The company is upgrading machinery across the entire operation, from trucks to packing equipment, and is installing a new software system for inventory ­management and tracking.

It also has launched a website, www.rembrandtfruit.com. Allen said customers like the RemBrandt name, which the company trademarked several years ago. “It’s memorable, and it instantly reflects the commitment to quality that our company and our family stand for.”