Todd Snyder

Todd Snyder

The board of C&O Nursery in Wenatchee, Washington, has restructured management of the company.

Todd Snyder, formerly company secretary, succeeded Jack Snyder as president and chief executive officer. Jack remains chair of the board. Shad Snyder was named vice president, and Gary Snyder took Todd’s place as secretary. Ty Snyder is treasurer.

Jack said the changes were designed to ensure a smooth management transition. “It’s always best to initiate a transition when all is going well and an excellent team is ready to take the reins.”

C&O Nursery was founded in 1906 by Andy Gossman and was so named because it began near the confluence of the Columbia and Okanogan rivers.

His nephew, Bert Snyder joined the firm in 1909 when the business was moved to Wenatchee. Bert’s sons John, Bob, and Gene took over operation of the nursery in 1953. The company is now in its fourth generation of Snyder family ownership and management.