1  Which of the following cherries is not an offspring of Van?
a.   Lapins
b.   Stella
c.   Summit
d.   Sweetheart
e.   Rainier

2  The Honeycrisp apple was bred in?
a.  1961
b.  1971
c.   1981
d.   1991

3  Which cherry variety is the father of Bing?
a.   Black Republican
b.   Van
c.   Lambert
d.   Emperor Francis
e.   Napoleon

4  Which of the following cherry varieties is not self-fertile?
a.   Benton
b.   Selah
c.   Early Robin
d.   Kiona
e.   Santina

5  Which has been the most popular grape variety to plant in California in the last three years?
a.   Chardonnay
b.   Cabernet Sauvignon
c.   Merlot
d.   Muscat
e.   Syrah

6  Which is the odd one out?
a.   Lola
b.   Lady Alice
c.   Amelia
d.   Kalei
e.   Collette

7  What do Andrew, Clyde, David, James, John, Peter, Philip, Simon, Stanley, and Thomas have in common?

8  A Dinosaur Egg is:
a.   A Red Delicious fruitlet
b.   An ugly antique apple
c.   A peach-apricot hybrid
d.   The fossilized shell of a prehistoric lizard, and an excellent paperweight.
e.   Original material used in tissue culture
f.  An interspecific plum