Jack Everhart, left, New Holland, Inc., congratulates John Riel, right, of Burrows Tractor.

Jack Everhart, left, New Holland, Inc., congratulates John Riel, right, of Burrows Tractor.

Recognition for Burrows

The New Holland dealership Burrows Tractor, Inc., in Yakima, Washington, has earned membership to New Holland’s President’s Club in recognition of outstanding achievement in business facilities, management, sales, parts and service support, and customer satisfaction.

More stinkbug defenses

The insecticide Lannate (methomyl) can now be used to control brown marmorated stinkbug on apples, nectarines, peaches, pears, and certain other fruit and vegetable crops in the mainland United States except in Texas, South Carolina, and New ­Hampshire.

Vydate (oxamyl) can also be used for brown marmorated stinkbug control in 19 states on apples, pears, and other fruit and vegetables.

The registrant, DuPont, has issued Section 2(ee) recommendations for the two pesticides in accordance with the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act. Although brown marmorated stinkbug is not listed on the current labels, the 2(ee) recommendations provide growers and applicators guidelines on how to use the products to control the pest.

For a full list of states and crops included in the 2(ee) recommendation, go to http://lannate.dupont.com and http://vydate.dupont.com.

Antibiotics maintain organic approval

Use of the antibiotics oxytetracycline and streptomycin will continue to be allowed in organic orchards for two more years for control of fireblight.

The National Organic Standards Board of the National Organic Program has a list of more than 200 products that are synthetic, but allowed in organic production. Under a sunset clause, products that have been on the list for five years are removed, unless the board decides otherwise.  After receiving testimony from the fruit industry about the importance of the antibiotics for controlling fireblight, the board voted at a meeting in Seattle this spring to extend their use until October 21, 2014, while reliable biological alternatives are developed.

AgroSource, manufacturer of FireLine (oxytetracycline) and FireWall (streptomycin), supported a petition by the Washington State Horticultural Association requesting that approval of the antibiotics be maintained. Oxytetracycline is also sold by Nufarm Americas, Inc., under the trade name MycoShield, and by United Phosphorous, Inc., under the trade name Flameout.