Stickers link to grower videos

Thanks to new data bar technology, shoppers anywhere in the world can use smartphones to scan stickers on apples supplied by Chelan Fresh, one of ­Washington’s top tree fruit suppliers, and see videos of the growers.

The new technology, greenscans, was developed to allow companies to use their existing product databars to provide more information to shoppers. Consumers can download the free greenscans app to their smartphone and scan any product with a databar to learn more about the product and the company. Information accessible with the phone might include a link to the company’s social media sites, recipes, tips on how to use the product, or cross promotions.

Studies show that consumers are relying increasingly on apps while shopping for ratings and reviews, product and price information, coupons and promotions, etc. More than half of U.S. adults use their mobile phones when shopping, according to Mac Riggan, vice president of marketing at Chelan Fresh.

Chelan Fresh wanted to create a connection with customers, whether in Washington or on the East Coast, through its grower videos or Facebook page. “We recognized that this technology is a growing trend, and we can use it as part of our marketing campaign to engage with consumers and have them connect to our social media sites,” Riggan said in a press release.

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CA room components

J-Core, LLC, of Yakima, Washington, manufactures an EPS (expanded polystyrene) sandwich panel insulation system for controlled-­atmosphere storage room construction. EPS insulation is a moisture-resistant closed-cell foam that contains no ozone-depleting agents, dyes, or formaldehyde, and is recyclable. It is unaffected by extremely hot or cold temperatures.

J-Core uses predrilled EPS board with 1 milliliter polyethylene facer on both sides to prevent curling and improve durability. Polymer connector ties connect the concrete wythes of the sandwich panels through the insulation layer. The insulation system is installed in a single layer and can be from two to six inches thick.

Sliding doors for CA rooms are manufactured by an associated company, Specialty Insulated Doors of Yakima. The large, lightweight doors provide easier access than standard doors. Enclosed track and roller systems prevent the doors from accidentally dismounting from the track. The door comes complete with signage, weather hoods, and stop bumpers for both open and closed positions.

Both the panel insulation system and the doors are available from Don Jordan Energy Systems in Yakima. Phone (800) 871-2885 or check the Web site ­donjordan

New H-2 labor specialists in Washington

The Washington Growers League has teamed with MASLabor of Virginia to provide H-2 worker services to agricultural employers in Washington State. MASLabor is headed by Libby Whitley Fulton, former executive vice president of the National Council of Agricultural Employers, who has more than 20 years of experience working on Capitol Hill as congressional staff member and handling legislative affairs for the American Farm Bureau. MASLabor helps coordinate all aspects of the H-2A and H-2B guest-worker programs, from applications to recruitment to visa issuance and transportation.

The Growers League recently ended their Northwest Growers Association, a service to assist growers with the H-2A program, due to insufficient demand to profitably support the program. The Growers League’s executive director Mike Gempler saw opportunity to provide quality H-2 services to its members in Washington State and other agricultural employers by working with MASLabor, a company already established with an existing client base. “I’ve known the principals of MASLabor for 25 years, and they are a thoroughly professional H-2A provider… and they have the policy background and connections to keep up with changes in the law and ­regulations,” ­Gempler said.