Now available online at Get-the-most-out-of-glyphosate/

Now available online at Get-the-most-out-of-glyphosate/

Why so BIG?

Dear Good Fruit Grower:

I own and operate a small orchard business. I love reading the articles from your magazine, so kudos for that. On to the complaint. I’m sure I’m not the first to mention this as I frequently hear the same complaint from other growers. Is there a reason that the magazine is so HUGE? I like to cut and keep different articles, filed in order of topic. The size of the pages make it almost impossible to file the articles. Is there any chance that the physical size of the magazine could be changed to a more manageable and storable size? I’ve tried getting the articles online and printing them out at home, but sometimes the article is unavailable online (i.e., “Get the most out of GLYPHOSATE” from the April 15 issue).

Aside from the monstrous size, keep up the great work!

Bryan Bird
Mattawa, Washington

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In search of Dudleys

Dear Good Fruit Grower:

I am an apple historian living in Maine. I’ve been tracking down historic varieties in Maine and elsewhere for the past few decades. I am particularly interested in varieties originating in Maine, such as the Dudley apple that originated in Castle Hill, a few miles from Perham. The apple was named by John Wesley Dudley, who later went west to grow apples in Washington State, about 1875. When I learned of the Perham Fruit ­Company, I assumed that the Dudleys had something to do with it. Now, perhaps, it looks as though it was not the Dudleys but rather someone named Perham.

I will be coming west in August and would like to meet Dudley relatives and/or others whose ancestors started the western apple industry. Can you help me to locate people I might enjoy meeting?

John Bunker
Waterville, Maine

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