lbite1 “Our biggest fear was jettisoning good fruit.”  —Paul Koch
a. Overzealous inspector
b. In-field sorting
c. Nondestructive fruit quality
d. Ozone generator

2 “The gee-whiz factor runs cold pretty quickly.”  —Sanjiv Singh
a. Autonomous vehicle
b. Robotic harvesting
c. Granny Smith
d. Yield scout

3 “The key was keeping it very simple so if there’s an issue it can be fixed quickly and inexpensively and you don’t have to have a NASA scientist
fly in to fix it.”  —J.J. Dagorret
a. Electronic color sorter
b. Mechanical thinner
c. Corporate helicopter
d. Harvest-assist platform

4 “The long-term goal is to develop an effective, environmentally friendly method to protect sweet cherry and apple buds and flowers from spring frost damage and to delay bloom by cooling the buds once dormancy has been broken.”  —Jim Flore
a. Wind machine
b. Orchard cover
c.  Solid-set canopy delivery system
d. Orchard heater

5 “A lot of people—within the first ten  minutes—love it.”  —Scott Driscoll
a. Rap music
b. Hand-held mechanical thinner
c. Mowing
d. Orchard platform

6 “Essentially, emergent plants die of heatstroke and seeds are steamed underground.”  —­Graham Brodie
a. Fumigation
b. Summer heatwave
c. Weed zapper
d. Chicken manure application

7  “It eliminates that drama and any debate about inequity in the orchard among picking teams.”  —Mike Omeg
a. Paying by the pound
b. Lunch tickets
c. Paying by the hour
d. End of harvest bonuses

8 “This potentially revolutionary ­production concept addresses ­multiple issues within the cherry industry.”  —Dan Guyer
a. Cherry splitting test
b. Over-the-row harvester
c. Crop insurance
d. High tunnel




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