WSU is inviting growers and others to participate in the selection of its Food Safety Specialist.

Here is the announcement:

During the week of June 20th, the School of Food Science is conducting on-site interviews to fill the WSU Food Safety Specialist position with Extension and Research components (formerly
held by Dr. Karen Killinger). The cv’s of the three candidates are attached. Dr. Ines Hanrahan is serving on the search committee on behalf of the tree fruit industry.WSU-Unit_Social-Badge

Given the Extension impact of the position, WSU has arranged for each candidate’s itinerary to travel to the Prosser and Wenatchee R&E Centers. The formal seminar can be watched in 4 locations via video stream (Yakima-WSU Extension, Wenatchee- WSU TFREC, Prosser-WSU, Pullman-FSHN).

Also, in both off-campus locations, Prosser and Wenatchee, stakeholder participation is welcome at any time.

Below is an outline of the candidates’ times in each location:

B. Feng

  • Seminar 10:30 – noon via AMS (Yakima, Wenatchee, Pullman, Prosser)
  • 6/21 R&E Site Visits
  • Prosser 11am
  • Wenatchee 4pm

A. Adhikari

  • Seminar 2:30-4:00pm  via AMS (Yakima, Wenatchee, Pullman, Prosser)

6/22 R&E Site Visits

  • Prosser 9:30am
  • Wenatchee 4pm

M. Michael

  • Seminar 2:30-4:00pm via AMS (Yakima, Wenatchee, Pullman, Prosser)

6/24 R&E Site Visits

  • Prosser 9:30am
  • Wenatchee 4pm

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding these itineraries. (; 509 669 0267)

It is very important to have stakeholder participation within the interview process, as this is a crucial position WSU is trying to fill..