Grape growers in Michigan are wanted to help with a survey throughout the state to help identify fungicide resistant powdery mildew populations. This season’s weather conditions are contributing to significant powdery and downy mildew disease pressure, according to a news release from MSU.

MSU is conducting a survey to measure strobilurin fungicide resistance as a part of the Fungicide Resistance Assessment, Mitigation and Extension Network. The MSU Small Fruit Pathology Laboratory in collaboration with the USDA-ARS in Corvallis, Oregon, have created “a molecular biology test to quickly and rapidly identify powdery mildew resistance isolates,” according to the release. Participating takes only a few minutes to take a sample and place it in an overnight mailer back to Michigan State University, which plans to release results before the end of the year so growers can make management decisions for next year.

The complete news release and information on how to participate are available at