Michigan State University Extension is hosting a new conference for the Michigan grape and wine industry. Dirt to Glass 2022: Elevating Michigan Wine from the Ground Up will be held in Traverse City Aug. 25–26.

The goal of the new conference is to give the Michigan grape and wine industry a greater understanding of the critical relationship between better farming and world-class wine.

Each year, the Dirt to Glass conference will choose a specific topic to cover, based on the results of an annual educational needs survey, and organizers will invite scientists and speakers to discuss the topic in detail. The first conference will focus on soil identification, health and fertility — all crucial in the production of quality grapes and wines.

The speaker lineup includes: Doug Frost, Kevin Pogue, Bruno Basso, Madeline Triffon, Amanda Danielson, Diego Barison, Christie Lee Apple and Paolo Sabbatini. Through the lens of two well-known varieties, Riesling and Pinot Noir tasting panels will demonstrate the impact of soil and farming on a finished wine.

The first day of the conference will consist of educational presentations. The second day will be in the field, where participants will visit soil pits in multiple vineyards to further explore the concepts presented.

Registration is required. For more information and a registration link, go to: bit.ly/dirt-to-glass-2022.

by Matt Milkovich