This month, Good Fruit Grower readers can turn to a new resource, a ­growing library of videos tailored for the needs of growers. It’s just one of the features from our new Web site.

For those of you who couldn’t attend last month’s hort shows in Wenatchee, Washington, or Grand Rapids, Michigan, we have posted a collection of videos featuring different growers, public officials, scientists, and consultants with messages for the grower community.

The videos by Good Fruit Grower’s digital producer TJ Mullinax are helpful ­summaries of tips and ideas discussed at the shows. You can watch the videos from a desktop computer or any tablet or smartphone, a benefit of the “mobile-first” philosophy that guided design of our new Web site.

Working for a magazine owned by growers, we knew it was important to make information available to growers wherever they wanted it, from the office, a tractor, or truck, 24/7. This complements the in-depth articles and photography you find in our print magazine.

Our new site also reflects early steps to provide content for ­Spanish-speaking members of the grower community. We feature a small number of videos conducted in Spanish. Watch for more Spanish content in the months ahead.

On our new Web site, you’ll see a diverse package of videos from the Washington hort show. You’ll find a full-length lecture by Dr. Terence Robinson of Cornell University,

“A Vision for Apple and Pear Orchards of the Future,” and another full-length talk by Tim Smith of Washington State University called “Progress in Developing Non-Antibiotic Products to Enhance Control of Fireblight.” Both speakers are excellent.

Also online on our youtube channel, you can watch brief interviews with the following individuals:

• Dr. Karina Gallardo, Washington State University, on the financial returns from three apple varieties: Honeycrisp, Gala, and Red Delicious (in English and ­Spanish)
• Craig Hornblow, AgFirst, New Zealand, on orchard systems of the future
• Bud Hover, Washington State Department of Agriculture, on the potential for exports to China
• Boone Davis, a grower from Leavenworth, Washington, on the value of the hort show to someone new to the industry
• Terence Robinson, giving a short summary of his full lecture
• Ignacio Marquez, Washington Department of Agriculture, on outreach to the ­Hispanic worker community (in English and Spanish)
• Kevin Moffitt, Pear Bureau Northwest, on exports of pears to China and consumer demand there for red pears

As our library of videos expands, you’ll find content that features individuals on technical subjects, growers talking about their careers and tips for improving their orchards, and scientists and consultants giving advice on best practices.

One of the most enjoyable new projects is our new series on young growers, beginning with photography in this print issue and a video interview on the Web site.

Meeting young growers who are passionate about their farms and committed to matching the excellence of their more established colleagues is inspiring, but not entirely ­surprising. Meeting growers is the best part of my job.

O. Casey Corr is managing editor of Good Fruit Grower.
He can be reached at or (509) 853-3512.