The state of Oregon has banned the use of bunk beds in temporary farmworker housing, mandated the appointment of “social distancing officers,” and required double the handwashing stations in fields among a litany of other stipulations in a list of new rules for farming during the coronavirus pandemic.

The rules, finalized by the Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Administration earlier this week, detail a host of new requirements that will take effect May 11 and last until Oct. 28.

The new regulations stem from a request by labor advocates that the state issue emergency rules for protecting workers in agriculture.

Visit the state of Oregon’s website for a news release that outlines the new regulations at

—by Ross Courtney

Editor’s note:
When the coronavirus pandemic began to unfold in tree fruit country, the news was coming fast and furious and we began a running list of updates to keep our readers informed. Now, nearly two months later, it’s undeniably clear that the coronavirus will impact every aspect of doing business this season, so we are discontinuing our quick update-style of coverage and reverting to our usual style of web stories. You can find our earlier coverage here: