Agriculture biotech company Phytelligence has announced a partnership with Cornell University.

Here’s the news release:

Phytelligence has announced a collaboration with Cornell University to test, store and grow new and existing commercial Geneva  rootstock varieties for future production. The agreement allows Phytelligence to increase the speed to market of newly developed apple rootstock, while also enabling large-scale, rapid production of enough quality rootstock to fulfill the needs of all apple growers.     

For more than 125 years, Cornell has developed cutting-edge technologies essential to accelerating the growth of the agricultural industry. From developing safe and nutritious foods to pioneering means to preserve the environment, Cornell serves agricultural producers, food businesses and farm families throughout the industry. Among the most recognized of their agricultural contributions is the creation of the many Geneva apple rootstock varieties, widely regarded as the leading rootstock varieties in the apple industry.

Phytelligence is based in Bothell, Washington, with offices in Pullman and Spokane.

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