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New Equipment & Technology

Featured stories about new equipment and technology appear in this issue.

Real-time feedback

April 1st, 2007|0 Comments

One of the benefits of presizing technology is the ability to provide real-time information to growers regarding fruit quality, says Olympic Fruit Company's Paul Koch.

AgWeatherNet 2007 and beyond

April 1st, 2007|0 Comments

During the late nineteenth through the late twentieth century, thermometers, rain gauges, hygrothermographs, and barometers were standard hardware used by Washington growers. However, the invention

Wine surplus

April 1st, 2007|0 Comments

The news is generally good for white wine varieties in the global market for the next few years, says an international wine broker representative. However,

Last Bite

April 1st, 2007|0 Comments

The Northwest Fruit Exchange was still prominent on this label that featured the smiling Indian boy. The Skookum logo is a familiar graphic on a