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Soils & Nutrients

Featured stories about soils and nutrients appear in this issue.

Puzzling outbreak

April 15th, 2009|0 Comments

Adult beetles have dark reddish brown or black heads, and the body is covered with short gray hairs. A mysterious outbreak of an endemic pest

Volatile prices

April 15th, 2009|0 Comments

Fertilizer costs have come down from last year's heart-stopping prices, but don't expect prices to stay down. Price volatility should continue through 2009 and the

Good Point – Ed Wittenbach

April 15th, 2009|0 Comments

In my lifetime, change has been inevitable: from five-acre orchards to 500-acre orchards or larger; from small, family-owned stores to mega supermarkets; and from local

Work in progress

April 15th, 2009|0 Comments

When dealing with nematodes, Washington State vineyardists need two things they currently lack: more effective control strategies and meaningful economic thresholds to guide them in

Good to Know – Julie Tarara

April 15th, 2009|0 Comments

Trellising and training in vineyards represent money and effort invested to maximize canopy photosynthesis and to optimize solar radiation exposure at the fruit. Canopies that

Last Bite – Royal purple reigns

April 15th, 2009|0 Comments

Purple tissue wrap enhanced Holtzinger apples and inspired a new line of labels. Charles M. Holtzinger (more familiarly known as C.M. Holtzinger) was one of