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Naramata struggles with change

August 1st, 2008|0 Comments

Blue grow tubes protect young grapevines in Naramata. Robert Van Western is a third-generation fruit grower in British Columbia, Canada, who, like many other orchardists

Working with a bottler

August 1st, 2008|0 Comments

Bill Hamlin of Custom Mobile Bottling oversees a recent bottling at the Winemaker's Loft in Prosser. Here are a few key things that a winery

Apple Matters

August 1st, 2008|0 Comments

Any way you slice it, apples are good for your health. Researchers around the world continue to uncover the apple's nutritive power and increasingly important

Bottling on wheels

August 1st, 2008|0 Comments

Wine can move through a mobile bottling line at a rate of 65 bottles per minute. When it's time for a wine to leave the

In The Box

August 1st, 2008|0 Comments

Inaugural article in "Good Health" series earns praise. ¡Bien Hecho! DearGood Fruit Grower: I work for the Rural Community Development Resources Center for Latino Farmers in

Last Bite

August 1st, 2008|0 Comments

Ralph Sundquist was able to grow his business during the Great Depression by investing wisely and by using innovative marketing. The Surety box label was

Quick Bites

August 1st, 2008|0 Comments

Cherry Exports The U.S. Transportation Security Administration met with shippers last month in Yakima, Washington, to explain how a congressionally mandated bill will affect 2009

Over the top

August 1st, 2008|0 Comments

Brandon Mulvaney (in the blue shirt) operates the over-the-row platform wirelessly. It began two years ago with a rough sketch on a napkin, followed by

New direction for replant research

August 1st, 2008|0 Comments

Mark Mazzola checks a DNA sequence from streptomyces, a soil bacterium that induces plant defense responses. The growth of streptomyces is stimulated by seed meal