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Featured stories about labor appear in this issue.

Running out of time

December 1st, 2006|0 Comments

In the closing days of the 109th Congress, the National Council of Agricultural Employers is urging an all-out effort from agriculture to lobby congress for

Apple growers hold off on claims

December 1st, 2006|0 Comments

Apple growers in Canada have halted plans to file a formal complaint regarding the alleged dumping of U.S. apples north of the 49th parallel. Backed

New Brunswick apple grower diversifies

December 1st, 2006|0 Comments

Ferme Bourgeois Farms distributes apples, including those from Washington State, to stores throughout New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island in Canada. History runs deep in

Growers reduce potential exposure to OPs

December 1st, 2006|0 Comments

In 2004, the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries adopted a cholinesterase medical monitoring program. It requires that agricultural employers implement a monitoring program

Labor shortages might worsen

December 1st, 2006|0 Comments

West Coast tree fruit producers dodged a bullet this year. In Washington, hailstorms that shrank the crops and cool fall weather that extended apple harvest

In My View: Mike Gempler

December 1st, 2006|0 Comments

Uncontrolled illegal immigration has caused rapid change and destabilization in some communities, resulting in resentment, fear, and economic and social challenges. This has resulted in

Apple Lines

December 1st, 2006|0 Comments

I am writing this article after reading the Good Fruit Grower November edition which features apple marketing and “Coping without the commission.” The topic is

In My View: Jim Hazen

December 1st, 2006|0 Comments

The first week of December culminates months of work by the Washington State Horticultural Association’s Planning Committee to develop the direction and topics of the

Last Bite: Why the “Big Y”

December 1st, 2006|6 Comments

The Yakima Fruit Growers Association updated its label in 1928, and the company itself soon came to be called the “Big Y.” The

Companies help farmers

December 1st, 2006|0 Comments

Mollie Hollibough has set up a new company to help growers recruit H-2A workers. Photo by Nanette Lee. Several companies are helping growers

What the H-2A program requires

December 1st, 2006|0 Comments

An employer applying for temporary foreign guest workers must meet a number of conditions: Recruitment: The employer must try to recruit U.S. workers first. This

Quick Bites

December 1st, 2006|0 Comments

California commissions combineThe California Apple Commission has announced a joint management venture with the California Kiwifruit Commission in October. The new arrangement allows both organizations

Manage canopy to optimize grape flavor

December 1st, 2006|0 Comments

California wine grape growers long ago traded bushy canopies for sleek trellising systems, but they continue to discover the importance of managing the vineyard canopy

Sticker shows apple maturity

December 1st, 2006|0 Comments

Robert Klein’s sticker turns color as an apple ripens. A thumbnail-sized white sticker that turns blue as the fruit to which it’s affixed ripens is

Heusers head TO 50th annual meeting

December 1st, 2006|0 Comments

Wally Heuser has never missed an annual meeting in the entire history of the International Fruit Tree Association, and will be in Tasmania, Australia, in