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Labor, Irrigation

Featured stories about labor and irrigation appear in this issue.

Good stuff

June 1st, 2008|0 Comments

Light Sensor Meter Spectrum Technologies, Inc., has introduced a Field Scout External Light Sensor Meter, for measuring ultraviolet light, quantum light, or solar radiation. The

Passage to India

June 1st, 2008|0 Comments

In India, 80 percent of apples are sold at roadside stands. Traders say Washington apples hold up well in such conditions because of their quality.

Good to go

June 1st, 2008|0 Comments

Training for a Recall The United Fresh Research and Education Foundation is accepting registrations for a course entitled "Training for a Recall, Communicating Under Fire"

Quick Bites

June 1st, 2008|0 Comments

Prevar Releases Apple Variety Prevar Ltd., a company that commercializes new apple and pear varieties from the HortResearch breeding program in New Zealand, has announced

Commit to cool

June 1st, 2008|0 Comments

Derk VanKonynenburg, center, shares cooling details. Evaporative cooling can help improve fruit quality, reduce tree stress, and promote return bloom, a California orchardist reports. But

Water stress leads to small fruit

June 1st, 2008|0 Comments

For many pear growers, irrigation seems like just a routine chore, but irrigation may be the single most important factor determining the size and quality

Saving water

June 1st, 2008|0 Comments

Microdrip irrigation resulted in substantial water savings compared with microsprinkler methods in a seven-year, University of Idaho irrigation study on apples.Dr. Esmaeil Fallahi, tree fruit

B.C. growers face metering

June 1st, 2008|0 Comments

Water meters could help British Columbia fruit growers better manage orchard irrigation, if a decade of experience in the South East Kelowna Irrigation District is

Be prepared

June 1st, 2008|0 Comments

Food-safety incidents, like fires, are never planned or expected. But being prepared could mean the difference between containing an incident to be a minor inconvenience