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Labor; Irrigation

Featured stories about labor and irrigation appear in this issue.

Learn new pest practices

June 1st, 2009|0 Comments

A tachinid fly stalks an obliquebanded leafroller larva. Tachinids are an important natural enemy of leafrollers in the Pacific Northwest. by Keith Granger & Jay

PMTP surveys consultants

June 1st, 2009|0 Comments

>by Nadine Lehrer, Jay Brunner, Keith Granger, and Wendy Jones, WSU Washington apple growers are phasing out the use of Guthion (azinphos-methyl), in accordance with

Screen saves fish and money

June 1st, 2009|0 Comments

For more information check the Web sites:,, and The nonprofit Farmers Conservation Alliance, based in Hood River, Oregon, is selling a novel

Last Bite – A Sunday drive

June 1st, 2009|0 Comments

lthough every fruit box label has a story to tell, the tale of the Rosehill brand can almost be understood just by looking at the

In the box

June 1st, 2009|0 Comments

Dear Good Fruit Grower: Orchardists should be concerned about woodpiles and orchard regrowth. A few years ago, there was an emphasis put on removing woodpiles

Good Point – Dan Fazio

June 1st, 2009|0 Comments

At the beginning of every year, growers ask me, "What are the chances that we will get immigration reform this year?" My response: "What are

Good Question – Grape Quality

June 1st, 2009|0 Comments

Washington State's wine industry has built a solid reputation for producing premium wine, but there is always room for improvement. Many of the educational sessions

Good Point – Frank Gasperini

June 1st, 2009|0 Comments

Since I joined the National Council of Agricultural Employers last September, the administration and Congress have changed dramatically. Change, in Washington, is always challenging and

Good Point – R. Troy Peters

June 1st, 2009|0 Comments

Surfactants or soil wetters can help soils that repel water, but Washington State University's Troy Peters found no benefits for normal, nonrepellent soils in a